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Located in a suburb of Mussoorie in the Indian State of Uttaranchal, the Landour Language School teaches students from around the world various North Indian Languages with a focus on Hindi instruction. The Landour Language school is under the administration of the North India Institute of Language Study Society, which is a non-profit cooperation organization established for the express purpose of teaching Hindi as a second language. The school also has the ability to offer instruction for Urdu, Garhwali and Sanskrit. This school has been in existence for over 100 years, and in this time it has taught over 20,000 students one or more North Indian Languages. The teachers are carefully selected and trained by a system of examinations and supervisor's reports. The present facilities and courses are based on these years of experience and time-tested methods.


Teacher and Student in the Classroom

For the Year 2014

The School opens on Monday February 10, 2014

The Classes will START from Monday February 10, 2014

The School Term ENDS on Satarday December 13, 2014.

The daily schedule consists of 50 minute classes from 8:20 am to 4:50 pm, and most are in the format of one-on-one instruction. There is a 30 minute break at 10:00 am and a lunch break from 12:10 pm until 1:30 pm.


  • Full time: 4 teaching periods per day
  • Part time: At least 2 periods per day
*Scheduling is arranged on a weekly basis: Monday to Friday. Students are encouraged to begin their studies on Mondays and finish on Fridays as they are billed according to the scheduled timetable.


*Students can be enrolled for a shorter period of time but in any case not less than for a period of two weeks.


Introductory Hindi Course - Rs. 2000 (INR)/-
This textbook was designed by the Landour Language School and is a required component of the Hindi language instruction at the school. Included with the textbook is an MP3 companion CD containing an audio supplement to the in-class instruction.

Hindi Textbook designed by LLS


For The Year 2014 is :
Enrolment Fees
Rs. 500 (INR)
Course Text Book (Introductory Hindi)
Rs. 2000 (INR)
Private Tutorials
Rs. 460 (INR) per person per lesson
Joint Tutorials (2 people)
Rs. 345 (INR) per person per lesson
Group (3 or more persons)
Rs. 285 (INR) per person per lesson
Examination Fees
Rs. 500 (INR)


All students are welcome to bring a tape recorder for use within the classrooms. And it is also highly reccommended to bring a MP3 CD player, as there is a companion CD to the textbook that is recorded in MP3 format.


The school does not take responsibility for arranging accommodation. Students are strongly advised to make arrangements for accomodation very early in their preparations. And please note that acommodation is difficult to find from May through October.

Boarding Houses in Landour:
  • Rokeby Manor - 5 minutes walk from the School, All Students (enrolled at LS) are eligible for a 50% discount on Rooms, (subject to minimum 5 days stay) and 25% discount on food & beverage. Contact Reception on Phone : +91 2635604/05/06, Fax: +91 135 2635607, Email: reservations@rokebymanor.com     Website www.rokebymanor.com

  • Tabor Cottage - 5 minutes walk from the School, Accommodation (fromm1st April 2014) starting at Rs 1000 per night inclusive of Breakfast. Special rates for long stays. Contact Reception on Phone : +91 9634443666 Email reservations@taborcottage.com     Website www.taborcottage.com

  • La Villa Bethany - 5 minutes walk from Language School. Phone : +91 135 2630054 or 09910049644     Email mail@lavillabethany.com or amarjeetskudle@gmail.com     Website www.lavillabethany.com

  • DevDar Woods - Mr. Anil Prakash, Sister's Bazar, Mussoorie, Uttaranchal. Phone: 91 135 2632644 / 2632544. email: anilprakash56@yahoo.com

  • Hazelwood House, - within 10 minutes walking distance from School Contact: Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta, Sister's Bazar, Mussoorie, Uttaranchal. Phone: 91 135 2631304. email: pawansidh@gmail.com

  • Ivy Bank Guest House Landour Cantt. Mussoorie. 10 minutes walking distance from language School.   Phone: 91 135 2631433 or 09897604999     Email:   ivy_bank@yahoo.co.in     Website www.ivybank.in

  • Northern Stores - Mr. Prem Bijalwan, Landour Bazar, Mussoorie, Uttaranchal. Phone: 91 135 2632123. 

  • Wolf's Burn - Mr. V. Uniyal, Landour Cantt., Mussooie, Uttaranchal. Phone: 91 135 2631440. Mobile: 9837938204 e.mail- vijayauniyal@hotmail.com

  • "WOODSIDE" ,Sisters Bazaar ,Landour Cantt, Mussoorie , UA 248179 INDIA. Contact Mr. I.Z. Bhatty Phone: Delhi: 0091 11 26843503 . Mobile# 09811322285, Mussorie 0091 135 263 0416. Email: bhattyiz@gmail.com

  • "Snow View Guest House" - Mr. Rakesh Garg, Sister's Bazaar, Landour Cantt, Mussoorie. Uttaranchal. Phone: 0091 135 2632721, 0091 9837818854 e.mail- sumit18_garg@rediffmail.com

  • "See Forth Lodge" - Ms. Sujata Chauhan Phone: 0091 11 202511563, 0091 11 206515560
    Attn : Mr. Vinod kumar, Clock Tower, Mussoorie. Phone: 0091 135 2632801 e.mail- revinodkumarart@hotmail.com

  • "Doma’s Inn Guest House" - e.mail- siddharth.nima@gamail.com or tenzing@momotours.com

  • "Elcott Lodge" - Phone: 0091 135 2632301, 0091 11 23013188


During all seasons, warm clothing is required as it does get chilly from time to time.
June through the end of August is monsoon season and an umbrella/light rain coat is required.
From September through mid-December heavy woolens are required. Please note that during September and October, although the temperature in the day is quite nice (15  to 20 degrees Celsius), nights and overcast days get quite cold.


View of Himalayas from Landour
View of Himalayas from Landour

Landour is a suburb of Mussoorie - a famous hill station of India that is widely known as the "Queen of the Hills". It is located 35 km from Dehra Dun in the state of Uttaranchal. The elevation of the city is more than 2000 meters and it is known for its cooler temparatures and beautiful views of nature. Landour Language School is situated in the "Lal Tibba" area in Landour cantonment and the classes are held in the premises of the Kellogg Memorial Church.


From New Delhi to Dehra Dun there are a number of trains and buses available.
From Dehra Dun to Mussoorie, please take a bus or taxi from the "Mussoorie Bus Stand" near the Dehra Dun Railway Station. From there, please take a local cab to come to the school or guesthouse.

Contact Us

Principal: Chitranjan Datt
Country Code : 91
City Code : 135
Office : 2631487
Res : 2631467 / 2633068
Tel Example : 91 135 2631487
Email : lls@nde.vsnl.net.in


Landour Landuage School,
41/2 Landour Cantt,
City - Mussoorie,
Distt - Dehradun
Postal Code - 248179,
State - Uttarakhand,
Country - India